ptkdb - Perl/Tk Debugger

Get Source

Please, be aware that CVS versions should be considered as early beta.

If you'd like to install current CVS version of ptkdb you have to check out the source through anonymous CVS with the following instruction set.

cvs login
(When prompted for password just hit ENTER/RETURN key, i.e. empty password)

cvs -z3 co -P Devel-ptkdb

Windows Users
copy in C:\perl\site\lib\Devel\
Assuming that your Perl installation is on drive C:

UNIX/Linux Users
copy in /usr/lib/perl5/5.x.x/Devel/

where 5.x.x is your current version of Perl.

You may also try web-based CVS repository viewer.

© 1998,2006 by Andrew E. Page; © 2007 Svetoslav Marinov